Mountain Man Deluxe

This pack was designed by hunters in the Midwest that not only need to carry large amounts of hunting gear but also a wide variety of animal feed and attractants. Whether you’re a bear or deer hunting addict or just enjoy spending some quit time with mother- nature this is the pack for you. Weighing in at a mere 3lbs 12 oz the Mountain Man has a gi-normis amazing 5616 cibic inch main compartment complemented by four other very large pockets that total another 756 cubic inches for an of the chart 6372 total cubic inches of pure storage. Without a doubt the Mountain Man is the strongest, largest and lightest pack in its class. With its large padded two inch wide nylon shoulder straps and thick padded waist belt this pack is capable of carrying very heavy loads well in access of 100 lbs without any problem. If you can get it on your back the Mountain Man can handle it with comfort and control. The Mountain Man is made of water proof heavy- duty 60 cordura, large no.10 coil zippers for easy access into the pockets. All seams are double and triple stitched nylon along with numerous steel rivets inserted int areas that are load bearing. Don’t forget to ask about how to become a member of the “Brothers Of the Bear” for great discounts on the finest hunting equipment made.

Pack Details

Weight: 3 lbs 12 oz
Dimensions: L 26” x W 22” x D 14”
Total Capacity: 6372 ci
Compartments: 1 = 5616 ci
Pockets: 4 = 756 ci
Tri Pod /Quiver: yes
Bow Holder: optional
Accessories: Quick attachable fanny pack, folding chair with back rest

Mountain Man - Boondocks Outdoor Gear

Mountain Man - Boondocks Outdoor Gear

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